Single strand vehicle wires

According to ISO 6722-1

Flexible vehicle cables supplied by Gutmann Kabel are PVC coated wires made of soft-annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602. The flexible and also highly flexible vehicle wires are insulated according to ISO 6722-1. For insulation purposes we use materials such as soft PVCs from +85°C to +125°C according to ISO 6722-1, but also halogen-free materials such as PUR or EVA. Our vehicle wires are non-flammable according to ISO 6722-1 and ECE-R118:2012.

Our vehicle wires are most suitable for installation in vehicles of any type, including passenger vehicles, HGVs, busses, motorcycles, mobile homes, trailers, semis and boats.

Find out more about our single strand vehicle wiring here:
Vehicle wire FLY, flexible, up to +85°C
Vehicle wire FLY-k, frost-proof up to -45°C
Vehicle wire FLYKH, highly flexible, frost-proof -50°C to +105°C
Vehicle wire FLY-w, class B to +105°C
Vehicle wire FLRY-B, reduced, class B up to +105°C
Vehicle wire FLYW, class C to +125°C
Vehicle wire FLRYW reduced, class C to +125°C
Ignition cable FZLY, flexible
Single-conductor PUR vehicle wire FL11Y/FLR11Y, with TPE-U insulation

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