PVC hose cables, multi core, flexible

based on VDE 0281 and HD 21

Connection and junction cable! Power lines made of soft-annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 wires according to DIN EN 13602.
The copper wire conductor surface is bare, made up of fine copper strands class 5 based on VDE 0295 (DIN EN 60228) and insulated with soft PVC TI2 based on VDE 0281, and the sheath of the multi core cables consists of a plastic cover made of soft PVC TM2, based on VDE 0281. We offer these power line types in the shape of flat hose lines X03VVH2-F and X05VVH2-F, with two and three cores, and also in round X03VV-F and X05VV-F, and also types for increased temperature resistance specifications, such as e.g. X05V2V2-F for permanent load at 90°C.

We are particularly proud of our special types: special versions, special wire gauges and cable diameters, challenging ambient conditions, special colours and colour coding or numbering, increased temperature resistance requirements, flame retardant versions according to EN 60332 or UN R118, spiralling and winding possible due to the particularly robust PUR insulation. We will design and manufacture the perfect cable for you.

Recommended applications:
For interior cabling and wiring, connections with low or medium mechanical strain, also in humid spaces.

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