Multiple-conductor flat vehicle wire FLYY-fl / FLYYF, class A to +85°C

According to ISO 6722-1 and ISO 14572

The Gutmann Kabel flat vehicle wire FLYY-fl / FLYYF, class A is a PVC flat cables requiring very little space, low-weight, with small bending radii and high flexibility. The material used for the multiple conductors in this vehicle wire is made of soft-annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602.The conductor surface is bare, the conductor and cable insulation is made of soft PVC according ISO 6722-1, class A. The temperature resistance range of the flat vehicle wire class A is between -40°C and +85°C.
The vehicle wires are flame-retardant according to UN/ECE-R118 / ISO 14572.
Check out the test report (PDF) here.

Download our product sheet flat vehicle wire FLYY-fl as PDF.

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