Customized and special cables

We are your production specialist for customized special cables!

Conductor materials: soft-annealed electrolyte copper according to DIN EN 13602 (CU-OF1 on request).
We use only high quality and pure electrolyte copper from long-standing German suppliers.

Conductor surface: Copper bare or tinned

Conductor options: single core (rigid), flexible, highly flexible, extremely flexible

Conductor roping and braiding: Crimp braids, asymmetric or symmetric braids, semi-concentric or concentric braids and round copper ropes, 7 fold and 19 fold roping possible, also with strain relief, e.g. with aramid fibres.

Processing of semi-finished customer products:

  • Braiding
  • Roping and twisting
  • Insulation or sheathing
  • Rewinding
  • Confectioning

Insulation materials:
We use only high quality insulation materials from long-standing suppliers, mainly in Germany and also elsewhere in Europe.

  • Soft PVCs
    - Temperature ranges +85°C, +105°C, +125°C, -45°C
    - various “flexibility”: shore hardness A 67 to A 95, core and sheath mixtures
    - phthalate free
    - special properties such as increased flame resistance, increased UV resistance, increased oil resistance, permanently water-proof, special adhesive seats, etc.
  • Halogen free insulation materials
    - PUR: TPE-U: thermoplastic polyether – polyurethane with excellent hydrolysis resistance, good microbe resistance, low adhesion surface, good frost flexibility, flame-protected
    - Performance specifications on request


  • Single or bi-coloured
  • Individual printing possible
  • Our standard RAL colours (see the PDF)
  • Special colours on request

Special cable tools:

  • Core identification, fluting
  • cable lettering in yellow or black
  • Profiled cables according to customer specifications

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