Copper earthing ropes insulated

based on VDE 0682/0683 and DIN 46438 and EN 61138 (VDE 0283-3)

Gutmann Kabel insulated earthing ropes consist of super fine bare copper strands made of soft annealed electrolyte copper CU ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602. The highly flexible copper ropes are, as a rule, covered with a transparent plastic sheath made of soft PVC TM2 based on VDE 0281-1 and are oil and petrol resistant.
The temperature resistance range of the insulated copper earthing ropes is, under movement, between -30°C and +70°C.

Special versions are available on request.

High requirements on flexibility and toughness as a general protective measures during non-stationary repair work, for potential compensation and earthing of IT installations and machines, as well as for the earthing of high power systems of energy producers and overhead power lines for railroads and trams.

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Copper earthing ropes – braided round copper ropes, transparent insulated, highly flexible, ESUY
Copper earthing ropes, ESY, insulated, highly flexible

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