Control wires LiYY, single and multicore, round, flexible

based on VDE 0812

Gutmann Kabel has a huge selection! With enormous portfolio of cables and wires you are bound to find the perfect solution, including the multi core flexible control wires and cables, made of soft annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602. The conductor surface of the copper core is bare and composed of fine strands class 5 VDE 0295 (DIN EN 60228) and insulated with soft PVC YI2 based on VDE 0207-4, with a plastic sheath for the multicore round control cable made of soft PVC YM2 based on VDE 0812.

Application: flexible control, energy, monitoring, signal and general connection wire in measurement, IT and control systems, in electronics, telecommunications, machine and system control installations in dry, wet and humid rooms.

Further types of this control wire LifYY (as a highly flexible version) or also with robust PUR sheath such as LifY11Y or LiYY11Y and of course with twisted core pairs.

Download our product sheet Control wires LiYY as PDF

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