Control cable LiYcY, single or multicore, round, flexible, screened with EMV protection

based on VDE 0812

This type of cable is the perfect solution against electromagnetic influence. Our screened control cables provide a sound protection against EMV. The multi core flexible screened control cable consists of soft-annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602. The conductor surface of the copper core is bare and composed of fine strands class 5 VDE 0295 (DIN EN 60228) and insulated with soft PVC YI2 based on VDE 0207-4, braided (and if required also in pairs) and bandaged in most cases with a PET foil. The screen or screen braid consists of timed round copper wires with a coverage of approx. 85%. The sheath of the multicore round control cable consists of a plastic cover made of soft PVC YM2 based on VDE 0812. Most of the cables are grey (RAL 7001), but black, orange and many other colours are also possible.

Application: as flexible control, energy, control, signal and connection cables in measurement, data and monitoring systems, in electronics, telecommunications and system and machine control and monitoring installations in dry, humid or wet spaces.

Further types: with robust PUR sheath like LiYc11Y; LiYcY11Y and, of course roped cores in pairs

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