FBK, ribbon cable, bare, flexible with PVC insulation, phthalate free (FBK Toy)

based on VDE 0812

The flexible and bare ribbon cable is made of a copper wire consisting of soft annealed super fine copper strands of class 5 VDE 0295 (DIN EN 60228) with an insulation made of phthalate free soft PVC YI2 according to VDE 0207-4 based on VDE 0812. The twin cable is, to a great extent, oil and petrol resistant. The conductor is made of soft annealed electrolyte copper CU-ETP1 according to DIN EN 13602. The surface is bare (tinned available on request). The wire gauge is possible between 0.08 mm² and 0.38 mm², the number of strands starts with 3, and a maximum of 16, due to production.

Application: e.g. model railway and model making

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