Cable Confectioning

We can supply individual cable confectioning solutions according
to your requirements and specifications.

Do you need confectioned cables and wires, customized and ready for wiring and installation?
And at the same time have a reliable and flexible partner at your side? We manufacture exclusively at our works in Weissenburg in Bavaria, Germany.

Would you like the ends tinned or with lugs, contacts or plugs? We would be pleased to manufacture a customized product for you according to your requirements, specifications, samples or drawings, and also using semi-finished products provided by you.

Available cable confection products:

  • Cable dimensioning
  • Cable harnesses
  • Spiral cables (spiral or helical cables)
  • Earth ribbons
  • Mounting of components
  • No order is too small or too big!

Our confectioning for you:
Dimensioning, cutting, stripping (also partial), skinning, tinning, crimping (core end lugs, flat plug lug, push-on contacts etc.), spiralling and winding, bending, punching and drilling, mounting with plugs and/or components, compacting, etc.

If you are interested in our confection services please do not hesitate to email our helpful service and engineering team!

Elfriede Gracklauer
Phone:   +49 (0)9141 85099-12
Telefax:  +49 (0)9141 85099-25
E-Mail:. elfriede.gracklauer(at)

The Gutmann Kabel team is looking forward to your inquiries and orders!
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